You're In

YES! YOU ARE IN! YOU DID IT! We hope you’re celebrating that right now as much as we are. This is a huge step you’ve taken… for you, for your children or future children, for the clients you’ll serve. 

You’ve officially declared your intention to make an impact. For that, you should be proud.

Now for your next steps…

1 – FORTIFY. Remember why you chose this, why you chose to invest in yourself, and the people you will help as a coach. Do not let shame, trauma, or drama prevent you from showing up fully in this space! 

2 – COMMUNICATE. Save this email address: Whitelist our email address (you can click here for instructions on how to do that). We’ll send you the login details you need and additional information between now and when class officially begins. Be proactive about getting support if you need it, our team will get you to the right place.

3 – CHOOSE. Right now, you are choosing to be a coach. You are choosing to step into this work. Maybe 3 months from now you don’t even want to be a coach anymore. But you did just choose to go through the best personal development training in the world, so choose yourself every day and show up for YOU.

We’re honored and grateful to be part of this journey with you and such an important moment in your transformation.