A Nine-Month Training where you will learn and embody the skills to be a master coach

We are combining over 50 years of experience to teach the most important thing to becoming a successful, profitable coach which is how to be an EPIC coach.  This program will equip you to be a master coach; one that creates extraordinary results that will speak for themselves.  Build your practice by being the best in the business...let your work, and the results you create, do the marketing for you.

The Elementum Coaching Institute is a one-stop shop for everything you need to be confident and profitable as a coach. You will have the tools to be a Master Coach in ONE place. 

This training is not a formula, this program teaches you how to find your own coaching signature rather than something that teaches you how to be like another “guru” or follow a structure that actually keeps you limited.

This program is incredibly comprehensive

This program is incredibly comprehensive with the breadth and depth of tools and resources. My very first client out of the gate was one that needed inner child parenting, a trauma informed coach, and someone who can understand shame. I was nervous but as soon as we got into sessions I knew how to hold space, create safety, ask the questions, and tap into my intuition to guide her through the beginning of healing and altering her path. I can’t imagine trying to coach without being trauma informed coupled with somatic understanding. This is where people are locked out of fully accessing themselves.

Amanda C

I feel 100% more confident as a coach!

The dots are connecting for me as an individual. Everyday I learn something new about myself and it is helping me evolve as a human and coach!!! I feel 100% more confident as a coach! The best is yet to come.


This is a lifelong journey

I have new tools at my disposal. I feel way more confident about my coaching skills. I have learnt so much that I believe everyone (even non-coaches) should learn that is just so important to know about. I have had the opportunity to work on my own traumas, fears, beliefs etc. This is a lifelong journey and I feel like Elementum kickstarted it.


I am so lucky I found this course.

Elementum has elevated all areas of my life because I have such a deeper understanding of who I am. I've learned so much about coaching and really starting to embody what it means to be a coach. I am so lucky I found this course.


Elementum is a professional development course for training, NOT a personal development or therapy course. Signing up for this course means you accept responsibility for the professional coursework involved and, if necessary, will reach out for additional support outside the program.

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I would recommend Elementum 10000x over. It's all the things in one place. With the four master coaches, you get the vast curriculum of the human psyche and experience from different, unique, and wise perspectives. Elementum is not just learning the material and becoming certified, it's actually applying it by working with peers, coaching and being coached, and testing our comprehension to ensure that we fully understand it. Elementum is the embodiment of integrity.


After participating in this program, I feel like I can coach anyone. I realize that the main thing other human beings need and want is to feel seen and heard. I went from being so rigid in my approach of coaching, only focused on goal-setting and taking action, to actually listening to my clients and getting down to the emotion behind what's going on.

Alison Bayer

Personal Development Coach
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Elementum has given me confidence in my ability as a coach and opened up so many other areas where I see room to learn and grow and improve even more. I am able to take my clients places I never would have before. 


I have opened up areas of myself that I did not have access to before, and have felt extremely held through this process by the master coaches and my peer coaches. The idea that you cannot take a client where you are not willing to go has been an integral part of this program for me. And embodying the work comes from doing the work.


I would recommend this program to anyone interested in coaching. It has been really life changing for me, not only in my career, but in my LIFE!

Elise Knox

NBHWC Certified Wellness Coach
Testimonial Circle (7)

WOW, WOW, WOW, it has been beyond what I imagined AND to say this has been life changing is an understatement! I walked into this training knowing it would be powerful, yet never fully understood the impact it would actually have. My life has forever been changed for the better, I am deeply grateful for each of the master coaches & TA's for their guidance & support throughout this experience. I'm able to finally create the legacy I have envisioned. Thank you, just doesn't seem enough!

Maresa Walsh

Elementum 2021 Student

What you will receive as an Elementum Trained Coach

Receive training from four Master coaches along with faculty and TAs who bring combined experience and deliver diverse perspectives, modalities, and tools.

Be equipped to coach a wide range of people, not just a niche, not just people similar to you. Become a coach with range and confidence to go wherever your client needs to go.

Trained with a methodology looks at the WHOLE human, including the spiritual, sexual and financial, which has been left out of many certification programs.

Learn a wide range of modalities and tools (everything from trauma-informed therapy, somatics, breathwork, self-care, shifting mindsets, releasing sexual blocks, etc).

We’ve combined the most cutting edge and effective modalities available to create deep, sustainable change with your clients; fusing it all together in one model so you can lean on whatever tool is necessary to support the client.

✔ Somatic Release Techniques
✔ Emotional Intelligence
✔ Parts Therapy & Techniques
✔ Neuroscience Based Modalities
✔ Experiential Learning
✔ Embodied Leadership
✔ Psychology (Developmental, Positive, Intrapersonal, Evolutionary, Cognitive)
✔ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques
✔ Trauma Release Techniques & Practices

✔ Neuro Linguistic Programming
✔ Conflict Management
✔ Ontological Practices
✔ Embodied Cognition
✔ Esoteric Wisdom
✔ Breathwork
✔ Facilitation Techniques
✔ Linguistic Philosophy
✔ Masculine / Feminine Energetics
✔ Sexual Embodiment

While receiving training to become a master coach, you will also be clearing your own personal blocks and creating space in your body to become an even more powerful coach. In other words, you’ll be working on your own sh*t so you are no longer limited by your triggers or insecurities.

What the Nine Month Training Looks Like:

Weekly content training calls with Master Coaches

Weekly immersion calls for Master Coaches to observe and give feedback on your coaching skills

3 quarterly small group calls with a Master Coach, totaling 12 calls over the program

Weekly small group calls with an Elementum faculty coach

Video and written training modules that supplement the live teaching calls

Trio work where you will be put in a group of three people each month to practice and integrate what you are learning

Being part of a community of like-minded coaches who will also become your mastermind

Ongoing mentoring from each one of us as well as supervision on your mastery of the skills to earn your certification from the Elementum Coaching Institute

And much more!!!

*Master coaches will rotate groups each month so you will get to experience each of us

Want to learn more about how Elementum is different from other coaching certifications, what exactly you will receive from the training, how the training will improve both your professional and personal life, and more? Listen to this conversation between Alexi and Christine

This is for you if:

You don’t feel fully confident in your range as a coach

You’ve felt limited in your ability to attract new, paying clients that you are thrilled to work with; you don’t feel fully confident in your range as a coach, and know there is more you could be bringing to your clients and practice

You feel limited

You’ve been trained as a coach, but feel like your skills fall short / limited in your expertise

You want to integrate your past experience

Have had powerful peak experiences yet haven’t been able to integrate that into your life and business and a coach

You struggle with “imposter syndrome"

You struggle with “imposter syndrome”, procrastination, over-thinking and over-planning. You are “getting ready to get ready”

You want to be trained

You want to be trained by four coaches who not only each have seven-figure businesses, but are also known for their integrity and skills as Master Coaches

You desire to make a massive positive impact in the world

You desire to be part of a community of coaches who are committed to being the best and most comprehensively trained in the business and transform the coaching industry into one that makes massive positive impact in the world


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Before Elementum, I felt slightly unskilled as a coach and lacking the confidence to get clients the results they want. This program has been so transformational for me personally that my own life has changed as a result of this program. Also, I now feel like I have the confidence to step fully into my passion as a full time coach and I'm super confident in my ability to help people change their lives.

Leah McQuade

Meet The Coaches

Alexi Panos

Christine Hassler

Preston Smiles

Stefanos Sifandos


Alexi Panos

A leader in the Emergent Wisdom movement,  Alexi Panos was named as one of FORBES Top 11 Women Entrepreneurs, INC's magazines TOP 10 ENTREPRENEUR'S CHANGING THE WORLD, one of Origin Magazines TOP 100 CREATIVES CHANGING THE WORLD, and is a featured expert in the films THE ABUNDANCE FACTOR, RISEUP and AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR.  Alexi is a leadership and embodiment trainer in The Bridge Method workshops (which she co founded and developed with her husband Preston Smiles), host of the Top 10 Self Improvement Podcast UNLEASHED, business strategist, artist and humanitarian (through her organizations E.P.I.C. and The Sisters Society); and as a bestseller, Alexi has authored the books 50 WAYS TO YAY! and NOW OR NEVER, both by Simon & Schuster. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube @alexipanos. www.alexipanos.com


Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler is a Master coach, facilitator and speaker with over 17 years of experience in personal development. She is the best-selling author of three books, most recently Expectation Hangover: Free Yourself From Your Past, Change your Present and Get What you Really Want and is the host of top-rated podcast “Over it and On With It” where she coaches people live on the show. Christine is known globally for her ability to identify what is holding someone back and compassionately guide them to clarity.  She also works with companies and organizations to increase the productivity and decrease the stress of their employees.  She is on the faculty of IIN and The Primal Health Coach Institute .  Christine has a Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology and implements elements of NLP, psychology, spirituality, science and her own diverse life experience into her work.  She’s appeared on: The Today Show, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, E!, Style, and The New York Times.  Christine believes once we get out of our own way, we can show up to make the meaningful impact we are here to make. Visit her online at www.christinehassler.com


Preston Smiles

Embodiment & Self Mastery Coach, Conscious businessman, father, husband, experiential speaker, and author of Love Louder: 33 Ways to Amplify Your Life (published by Simon & Schuster), Preston Smiles is force to be reckoned with on the personal growth scene. 

Coaching thousands of people since 2005, leading cutting edge workshops all over the world with his equally powerful wife, Alexi,  and winning awards like Millennial Mentor of the Year, gracing the cover of Inspired Coach Magazine, Preston Smiles is on fire, like his HUGE personality.  Mr Smiles has been featured on some of the biggest podcasts and media platforms in the world, such as Impact Theory and School of Greatness along with touching the hearts and souls of thousands of people daily through his provocative social media videos and writings. As Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith have said, “Preston Smiles is unstoppable!”


Stefanos Sifandos

With over 15 years of experience in the personal development space, Stefanos is a trained educator, Behavioural Scientist and relationships expert with an extensive background in Psychology, Philosophy and Ecology. He is passionate about and committed to leading people closer to their highest potential and to each other. Stefanos’ philosophy merges the best of Eastern and Western methodologies to promote spiritual balance and empower people in life and love. From trauma release to navigating the murky waters of modern masculinity, to helping women understand the men in their lives, he helps people escape negative patterns and cultivate a positive sense of self. Stefanos has worked with thousands of men and women from all walks of life; special forces soldiers, Olympic gold medalists, elite world champion fighters, and everyday people have relied on him to restructure and reframe their relationships with themselves, their past, their trauma, their potential and their loved ones.