Coach In Training Program Application

This program is to connect you with clients from the communities of the Master Coaches to sharpen your coaching skills and add to your coaching hours. We have hundreds of people who want and need coaching yet cannot afford it at common coaching prices.  You also want to coach quality clients and not have the burden of marketing yourself, getting on enrollment calls, etc. This client to coach-in-training program takes care of all of that.  We curate the clients and strategically match you to someone who we feel is a great fit for you. 

For those of you in the Elementum Coaching Institute looking to complete additional coaching hours . . .  this is for you!!

How It Works

We (the master coaches) will open our personal communities to Elementum Coaches In Training so you can complete your additional coaching hours and become a Certified Elementum Master Coach. We know that many of you are tracking hours and are  consistently looking for new clients to coach. We will match clients in our communities to ideal coaches in Elementum – you basically get a client delivered to you and have the potential to continue working with them after you graduate.  We see this program as a win-win. Clients get affordable coaching with a Coach in Training and coaches get to obtain coaching hours with clients who are bringing real life dreams and issues forward. 

Requirements for Elementum Coach In Training Program

In order to join this program you must:

  1. Complete Coach Application/Bio (see below)
  2. Show proof of Liability Insurance (we suggest all coaches have insurance. You can review plans at or use any other insurance company that provides similar coverage. 
  3. Review and acknowledge the terms and conditions of the certification program
  4. Be efficient and timely in your communication with the Coach In Training Coordinator and with clients you are matched with 
  5. Make a commitment to be “all in” and show up 100% for Elementum Coaching Institute course work and for coaching clients


What is the process for the Coach In Training Program?

Part 1: Apply & Get Set Up 

  • Complete the Coach Application/Bio below; and
  • Acknowledge review and acceptance of the Elementum Coach In Training Terms and Conditions; and
  • Upload a scanned copy of your liability insurance and confirm you hold an insurance policy; and
  • Receive email confirmation that you are officially confirmed in the Coach In Training Program!! 


Part 2: Get Connected With Your Client 

  • Our Coach In Training Coordinator, Jill, will email you the application of a potential client with which you can work.
  • After reviewing the client application, you have a choice to either accept or decline working 1-1 with the presented client. 
  • If you choose to work with the client, Jill will connect you to the client via email and within 24 hours you must reach out to the accepted client to set up your first coaching session.


Part 3: Support your client with 1-1 coaching and track your coaching hours 

  • This is where put into practice what you are learning in Elementum Coaching Institute and get the experience of 1-1 coaching.
  • You will work with and support your client for 3 months, a one (1) hour session every other week, totaling 6 sessions.