Coach In Training Program

Imagine for a second what it would be like to have the life you’ve always wanted. 

What if you could permanently shift the quality and day to day experience of your life?

What would it be like to feel supported? To have a trusted ally in your corner guiding you and cheering you on?

How would it feel to be free of the confusion, sadness, loneliness or stress you are experiencing?

All of this is possible for you. And you don’t have to do it alone! With the support of a skillful and trusted coach, you can learn and experience real tools that will support your most authentic self ...and have you experience who you truly are!

Our Elememtum Coaches In Training can help you with this.

As Master Coaches we (Alexi Panos, Christine Hassler, Preston Smiles and Stefanos Sifandos) are dedicated to supporting people and creating ah-ha and breakthrough moments. Collectively, we have over 50+ years experience and this past year, we knew that we could help more people in the world by training coaches, vs just coaching one-on-one clients. That is why we created Elementum Coaching Institute.

We are so proud of our coaches in the program and excited to offer affordable coaching to our communities from our students in training to become Certified Elementum Master Coaches . . .

Welcome To

Private Coaching with Our Elementum Coaching Institute Students

Let’s dive in!!!!  Here’s how the process works if you’d like to hire a coach:


You apply, get accepted, process payment/contract and then we connect you with one of our Coaches In Training. You invest $497 for 2 sessions per month for 3 months - that’s only $82 per session! You can pay upfront, or a two payment plan. This is an incredible investment considering many coaches and therapists charge a few hundred dollars per session.


Your Coach In Training will record the session (either via zoom or private conference call line), so you must be ok with recording your sessions. Note: they will never be shared publicly. We record them so that a Master Coach can review the coaching if needed.  


Elementum Coaching Institute may reference sessions during a coaching Q & A Call. We would never release your private session or information.  Please know that we deeply value confidentiality and trust. 


We do have limited coaching spots and it is first come, first serve. All you need to do is apply below.  If you are selected, we ask that you make your payment and register within 48 hours of receiving your coaching confirmation email.  If we do not receive your payment and signed contract, we will have to release your spot to the next client.  


It is mandatory that you commit to a minimum of three months (6 sessions, a session every other week) and you will be partnered with a coach that we choose for you.  Your coach will review your application and accept you as a client. 


It is not random, we are matching coaches and clients to the best of our ability based on interest, values, where you live and best coaching days and times. 


Once fully registered and connected to your coach you will have 24 hour to set up your first coaching session.  You do not have to set up all your sessions at the beginning of coaching, you can set each future session at the top of your session and pick the date and time that works best for you and your coach. 


NOTE: This is a program we are extending to the Over It and On With It Podcast, Bridge, Kaboom communities and students/followers of Alexi Panos, Christine Hassler, Preston Smiles and Stefanos Sifandos.  We have a requirement that you agree to, as a client and part of this Coach In Training Process.  We ask that you keep your word and meet your coach in a timely manner.  If you register for coaching and commit to the process, our expectation is that you follow through 100%.  If you miss sessions, consistently are late or non-responsive with your coach, we will remove you from the coaching process and give your spot to another client who is more ready and willing. There is no business coaching available in this program.


By committing to work with a Coach In Training, you are agreeing to our conditions.  This means you agree to terms of payment, scheduling, recording and showing up ready to be coached. Our intention is to have our coaches serve you at the deepest level and to provide incredible clients to our Coaches In Training.


If you have any questions please email support@elementumcoachinginstitute.com 


At the end of your coaching experience we will ask you for feedback for our coaches to keep enhancing our process.


We are looking forward to supporting you and acknowledge you for investing in yourself.